The science of healing; the art of caring

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The science of healing, the art of caring

Managing injury and health conditions with a variety of techniques to reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability

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We offer a variety of books and products to help you succeed. We also have a lending policy allowing you to try the products prior to purchase.

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Our therapists constantly strive to improve our knowledge and stay up to date with current treatments to provide you with the best possible care

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Our patients are our main priority; we aim to provide each patient with individualized care.

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Our therapists are here to work with you and ensure your quickest, most effective recovery

What our patients say About IPT

Our patients and their recovery are our number one priority, and it shows in their results.

  • Julie, I just can't thank you enough for taking the time to come in and tape my ankle and answer my questions on Tuesday even though I wasn't on your schedule (and I apologize to whoever it was from whom I diverted your attention)! An hour after I left Innovative I was walking into the Giant and realized that I wasn't having to concentrate on not limping. It was, like, WOW I'm walking normally again with virtually no pain. Having gone 2 weeks without the Rocktape and watching my ankle and foot swell up every day, I am convinced that the tape has been a major part of the improvement. Big thank yous go to Caroline and Susan for the TENS and ultrasound. I'm certain that those treatments have been major contributors to my recovery. And jumbo kudos go to Fatima who tirelessly works on my behalf to get all the paperwork and phone calls needed for my insurance. You have a fabulous staff!

  • Julie has been helping me manage my pain. She evaluates everything about the way you move, sit, and stand to determine the actual cause of your pain and discomfort. Through her physical therapy exercises for strengthening and mobility to the fabulous myofascial release that stretches all parts of the muscle and body to relieve pressure causing pain, I have been able to continue eventing and competing my horses. She and her staff are extremely empathetic and professional in their interactions with me. I highly recommend them.

  • Julie and her staff do not just treat the problem , they research until they find the root of the problem. They understand the cause/effect relationships that all of our joints have with other areas of the body, and that you cannot achieve a comfortable balance unless all parts are working together in harmony. Innovative Physical Therapy is truly a fitting name for this group, as the myofascial release therapy and cutting edge techniques they use are truly the only thing that keeps me pain free and moving. They are light years ahead of anyone else in the area.